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ELECTION RESULTS: Amendments pass, Bonds defeated

Huffman, Sheldon bonds fail; May 24 date for runoff election

HARRIS COUNTY – Voters went to the polls last Saturday, and voted on the few issues that were on the ballot. Two state constitution amendments, that lower property taxes, easily passed. Statewide, 1,300,000 votes were cast, with 85% approving the amendments.

Other ballot items were local, including two bond issues in Huffman, that were defeated by over 60% of the electorate that voted, and a Sheldon bond issue that was defeated by more than 65% of those who voted. Obviously the electorate was not in a mood to spend money that might mean higher taxes for them. Both districts had stated that they needed the money to build or improve facilities to accommodate student growth.

In Crosby, three directors for Newport MUD were elected: Earl Boykin, Deborah Florus, and DeLonne Johnson. Johnson won by only 3 votes over her opponent, John Webb by a count of 128 to 125.

Election Day May 7 for amendments, Newport Board, bonds

CROSBY – Voters will go to the polls on Saturday, May 7 which is Election Day. Only a few items will be on the ballot this time.

Two Texas Constitutional Amendments deal with limiting taxes on residential property, and school bond issues will be voted on in Sheldon and Huffman.

In Crosby’s Newport subdivision, three MUD board members will be elected. Running are incumbents Earl Boykin, Debra Floreous, and DeLonne Johnson. Also running is newcomer John Webb.

Early Voting starts April 25; Election Day May 7

Ballot Issues: Two Constitutional Amendments; Huffman Bond Issue

HARRIS COUNTY – The Municipal and Local primary election will take place on Saturday, May 7 with a low voter turnout expected by authorities. No major candidates are on the ballot, only two state constitutional amendments and a number of bond issues for local districts, and local candidates.

Early voting will start on Monday, April 25 and continue through May 3. Hours in general are M-S 7am – 7pm, Sun 12pm – 7pm. Hours on Election Day are 7am – 7pm.

Polling places for Early Voting in this area are BakerRipley campus, Acres Homes Community Center, and Houston Community College North Forest Campus.



• District Wide Safety & Security Improvements

• Land, Buses, and Operations Center

• Middle School Renovations and Expansion

• High School Renovations and Expansion

• Technology Improvements

• Major Maintenance Projects

PROPOSITION B – $2.9 Million

• Baseball & Softball Turf Improvements

EARLY VOTING SITE: Huffman Middle School

ELECTION DAY VOTING SITES: West Campus Gym First Baptist Church of Huffman Crosby Church-Huffman Campus

Since the main issues on the ballot have to do with two Constitutional Amendments that may lower your taxes, State Senator Paul Bettencourt has issue the following analysis (edited) to aid all voters:

Huffman ISD plans Bond Election

$98.9 Million for Expansion, upgrades

HUFFMAN — The Huffman ISD board voted at their February meeting to call for an election for a new bond issue. According to district spokesperson Kristen Breaux, the total amount of the bond will be $98.9 million dollars. The election will take place on May 3rd.

Based on a study conducted for the board, the money will be used in the following categories:


— 20 new classrooms, work on HVAC, Roof, Gym, Auditorium, DAEP


— 15 new classrooms, Cafeteria expansion, Ag, Field House


• SAFETY & SECURITY $4.0 million

— Cameras, Lighting, Alarms, Doors, Controls, Roads & Traffic

New Educators welcomed to area schools

An annual tradition, the Crosby-Huffman Chamber of Commerce welcomed new educators with gifts and a special luncheon last August 14.

Pastor Larry Koslovsky of the Brethren Church opened the ceremonies, and an invocation was delivered by Pastor Keenan Smith within his own sanctuary.

Chamber President Kim Harris updated members and board, introducing Torrence Harris Vice President of Lending and Operations at United Community Credit Union.

School’s new personnel were introduced by respective Superintendents: Huffman ISD – Dr. Benny Soileau, Crosby ISD – Dr. Scott Davis.

See print or PDF edition for educator photos and names.

Gambling for Huffman class

The Huffman Education Foundation hosted the 4th gala dinner and casino night last Friday to raise funds to offer Huffman ISD students special classes that are not ordinarily available based on school taxes alone. These include more exotic classes with creative approaches to teaching. The special fund was established in honor of Ms. Paige McEachern’s father and longtime educator, Conny Martin. The event was held in Humble.

Huffman shorts shoddy, late work

HUFFMAN – The local school district entered a contract to have its new elementary school finished this past July. As the project stands today with half a school year gone by, an incomplete building with what the administration believes are serious construction defects is all Huffman ISD finds for the contract.

The public first became aware of the controversy and issues when contractors complained that they were owed over $4,000,000 for the contract work. A lawsuit has now been joined and District indicated it was disappointed that Paradigm chose this step, and the District disputes the allegations contained in the lawsuit.

Like many small districts, Huffman ISD hired an owner’s representative with construction expertise to protect the school district on building projects. The job of actually building Falcon Ridge Elementary School was given to the contractor, Paradigm. Huffman ISD intends to hold Paradigm to the contract the parties entered.