Cops make arrest in Newport murder


CROSBY– An arrest was made Feb. 17 in the murder of a Newport resident found Jan. 30 inside his home in the 17000 block of Lighthouse.
Armando Hernandez, 24, was arrested at his home in connection with the murder of Christopher Harrell, 32, by Harris County Sheriff’s Homicide Detectives.

Homicide Detective Russel Coleman said that more arrests are expected soon related to the case. Anyone with any information related to this case is asked to call Harris County Homicide Detectives at 713-967-5810.

According to the detective, Hernandez may have been just a casual acquaintance of the victim.
Christopher Harrell, 32, was found Jan. 30 by his mother and father when they went to check on his welfare. The couple had gone to the victim’s house following his supervisor telling his mother that Harrell did not report to work. Harrell had lived in the home since October.

Harris County ESD#5 Paramedics received a call at about 10:50 a.m. that Thursday. Seeing the victim was dead, they secured the scene for law enforcement.

Police sources confirmed gunshot wounds to the head killed Harrell.

Law enforcement sources, not homicide detectives, indicate two shell casings were found on the floor in the house.

Sources indicate there was evidence of illegal substances at the house. Sources hint that a relationship between the murder and the substances is possible.

Homicide Detectives reveal that a gun safe was found to be open inside the location but the shell casings of the murder weapon did not matched any of the guns found at the home.

Other law enforcement sources indicate some guns were stolen from the residence.

Detective Coleman confirms that apparently a “Simple robbery.” had occurred in connection to the shooting but would not reveal the manner (i.e. burglary, stick-up, or crash-in) or what items were stolen.

According to Coleman, “We are still conducting a thorough investigation of this case. More arrests are possible. We put in countless hours of overtime on this case. Our squad did a first rate job in this initial arrest.”