Homemade blackberry jam, not jelly, for Mom’s day…

Me and Four Dog ought to be down at Day Lake this morning drowning minnows instead of having to hang around the house all day. Actually water is just below flood stage at Day Lake so that means the snakes are floating around or in the trees. Not to mention the globs of fire ants afloat.

I’ll just sit around here today and do my thing; trust me; there are more things that need be done around here than I care to even think of. One thing I need to do is make use of the large bag of blackberries we picked yesterday; probably got almost a gallon out of the blackberry patch behind the house. I refer to it as my briar patch and they are as sharp as ever this year. The Mrs. said she wants jam and I want jelly, since it’s Mothers Day I suppose I’ll abide by her wants but I’m going to really cull the seeds back in this batch. (Final count of 4 pints of jam)

I was in Wal-Mart a little before 0700 this morning and two guys were walking out with flowers. Seems like every other cart had a flower arrangement so I mosey on over to the floral area and it’s about empty with a lot of ugly stuff left and a few roses which I do not buy. Guess she’ll just have to settle for some homemade jam; homemade in her home no doubt.

My almost 80 year old second cousin and her husband came by for a visit. They are on their way from Hemet, California to Ohio by way of Baytown, Texas, Sarasota, Florida, East Point, Georgia and no telling where else. Her mother and my grandpa were brother and sister so. We visited their home back when one of the twins was in the Marine Corp back in the early 90’s and my Aunt Pearl, also in her 90’s was alive at that time. I asked her what does she contribute to her living so long and she told me she had a drink of whiskey every day.

Interesting to listen to this almost 80 year old cousin and her husband. They met when she was six, he was nine and they were neighbors. Been married all these years.

She was folding towels one evening and I told her not to bother and she proceeded to tell me about the company they had and didn’t want us to think they were like them. She said one of Dan’s old Air Force friends come to visit them once in California. This friend and his wife have lived in Australia forever and stayed with them for a week. Said they did not take a bath the entire time they were there. Geez, I don’t know if I could take that or not but my cuz and hubby were polite about it.