On a diet at the Star-Courier…

ItÕs quite the craze these days, to be slimming down. Popular diets include Atkins, Weight Watchers, Curves, and much more.

ItÕs true in the newspaper industry, too. For many reasons, the large and small newspapers have reduced the size of their pages, some in width only, others in length also. You may notice that this issue of the STAR-COURIER looks slightly different. ItÕs the page width, which has been reduced from 14Ó to 12.5Ó

Did you notice? We are interested in your opinion of the new size, and how the pages will look with a different layout. Also, please remember that we are here to serve you. If you would like to read different material, let us know by letter, email, or phone.

Thanks. And enjoy our new slim look.