Letter from ESD #5

To the Editor:

Harris County Emergency Services District # 5 would like to thank all of the citizens of Crosby for exercising their right to vote in the past election on May 15th 2004. We are grateful for those of you who supported us in our time of need.

Even though the proposal did not pass, HCESD #5 will continue to operate for as long as we can and provide the best emergency medical care possible. For over two years the employees and volunteers at HCESD #5 have made many sacrifices; most of us have decided to continue serving the community and attempt to keep the quality of service high. Our needs are many and too numerous to list in a single article, however, we will attempt to keep the public aware of our situation and we do appreciate the continued support.

Thank you again.

Houston W. Hooper
HCESD #5 Gen. Mgr.