Crosby Super. gives progress report on construction

CROSBY — When the rains subsided work began in earnest on five construction sites in Crosby ISD. Jerry Bevel of Cre8 Architects reported that all work projected to be completed by the start of school are on time and on budget.

Crosby High has been an ant bed of activity in the last few weeks. The portion of the project remodeling the commons area to accommodate 1600 plus students is in the later stages of completion. In order to do this, the old competition gym was repositioned to become a practice/physical education gym. This work, slated for completion after school starts, will be on time for the opening week. Other work on the high school interior continues.

In addition, the entire roof of the high school has been completed including additional work not anticipated over the commons area.

Drilling of piers for the north academic area and the agricultural facility has begun. Preparation for foundation work on the double storied science/technology wing facing F.M. 2100 has begun. The north student parking lot will be poured during the last week of the month.

Work on Cougar Stadium is progressing. Lights, renovations of ticket stands, concession stands, and restroom facilities are almost complete. The first layer of asphalt on the track has been completed and the surfacing of the track will be complete within two weeks. The drainage of the field surface has been completed. Tons of gravel is being brought in to the field in preparation for the final stage of laying the “field turf” at the stadium. This should be complete by the third week in August.

The final concrete work at the middle school road will be completed at the end of this week and will be cured in two weeks. It will be ready for vehicle traffic before school opens.
Roof, flooring, and Air Conditioning projects at BPS and NES will be completed in the next two weeks. Some minor roof touch ups will continue during the first two weekends after school starts.

The first phase of the Drew Intermediate project will be completed by October 1 as scheduled. The new classroom wing will be complete and the demolition of the old wing will start in early fall. The project has been coordinated with the faculty and administration at Drew and the actual move will be accomplished without loss of school time.

The coordination between Cre8, Braeburn Construction, and CISD has been remarkable. It is hopeful to see groups working together to solve problems instead of pointing fingers. Kudos especially goes to Cre8 President Jerry Bevel, Braeburn Superintendent Carey Hamilton, and Maintenance Director at CISD, Jerry Blizzard.

Superintendent, Dr. Don Hendrix, stated at the July Board Meeting, “The coordination has been remarkable especially in lieu of the super human efforts required to overcome 16 days down time due to rain in June. They have more than made up the ground.”