February packs a lot in 28 days

February, the year’s shortest month, seems tohave a lot going for it.

As a child I always remembered February for several reasons. First, my Mother and Dad both celebrated birthdays during the month; 1st (Dad) and 5th (Mother). Second, the ground-hog always came out of its hole on February 2 looking for Spring.

As a wee one I always wanted Dad to take us to Punxsutawney, Pa. so I could see the world’s greatest predictor of the weather, “Punxsutawney Phil.” Dad never seemed that interested, nor did Mom, so we never made the trip. Now Phil has faded into my past.

February is American Heart month. Inasmuch as daughter Denise works for the American Heart Assn. we give that celebration its due. February 4th was National Wear Red Day as recognition of symptoms of a heart attack and what heart disease does to us Americans.

It is also Black History month. In this celebration we remember all of our Black brothers and sisters and learn more about black history.

National birthdays include Thomas Edison (11th), Abraham Lincoln (12th) and George Washington (22nd). Edison’s birthday has all but been forgotten except for a note on the calendar and we celebrate the birth of Lincoln and Washington on a convenient Monday (this year the 21st). More, I believe, to give us another long weekend rather than remembering these two leaders of our past.

Ah, Valentine’s Day — February 14. That day we can’t forget as it is a real opportunity for the retail industry to make some money so it is advertised to the hilt. I usually remember my Valentine, spouse Linda, with a gift. However, this year she only received a “Happy Valentine Day Honey,” as I spent my gift budget on a 50th anniversary gift for her on December 29. She still loves me!

I almost forgot “World Marriage Day,” on February 13. That day is not advertised much, not recognized much and no one cares much. However, I believe we should pay more attention to that holiday than most, if not all of the rest, this month. Well over 50 percent, maybe two-thirds, of our marriages are ending in divorce these days. Maybe we need to spend more time worrying about what goes into the making of a marriage and what keeps them going. A high percentage last little more than three-years.

Boy Scout Day was February 8, and most churches and other Scout sponsoring organizations recognize that event. I heard an outstanding presentation of Boy Scout Sunday a few days ago and you will hear more about that next week.

The twenty-eight days of February seems to have one holiday after another. Oh yeah, it is also International Friendship Month. We can all use more of that.

Such are the people, places, and things that have touched my life in my West Virginia home.