FM 2100 becomes Highway of Honor

Mike Amador, Angella Amador, Jerry Blizzard, Phyllis Amador and Pastor Richard Amador hold up signs they are erecting on FM 2100. On May 23, members of Son Harvest Church are placing signs honoring veterans from throughout the Huffman, Crosby and Barrett Station areas on small signs commemorating their service in herald of a special dinner to be served to veterans on May 29 at the American Legion Hall between 4:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m.

According to Pastor Richard Amador, “These guys gave us our freedom. This is our way of telling them thank you. Now this will hopefully encourage them to become more active in the community. We put down these signs so that the whole community will know that we care. If we can stir up this much involvement in this community, what can we do throughout the state and in America? We started the expense to get the signs but since we’ve had banks, real estate, insurance companies, and other churches (Crosby Brethren Church donated 200 lbs. of potato salad.) The whole community has come out and sponsored this by donating finances. Thus far they have paid for all the signs plus another 65 signs and I had to order another 25 today. The food and barbecue pit has been donated, more is coming in as we speak, we still need about 10 briskets to finish the job.”