Schools introduce new teachers to community

CROSBY – The Crosby/Huffman Chamber of Commerce’s New Educator’s Luncheon at Newport Country Club and Conference Center this year was a showcase not only for the new personnel at local schools but also a display of the importance of education in the local communities and the interest of the business community to integrate these professionals into the commerce of the areas.

Justin Brady, President of the local Chamber, initiated the event describing the municipal services performed by the schools in the community.

The event introduces the teachers to the products and services available in the communities they serve in effort to establish a symbiotic relationship between the entities of local education and local dealers hoping for mutual interest to blossom.

Chamber Welcomes New Educators

The New Educator’s Luncheon this year featured the local Independent School Districts and two private schools including Sacred Heart Catholic School and an Episcopal School in Channelview.

The event was hosted by the Crosby-Huffman Chamber of Commerce. The chamber holds the event each summer to welcome new educators to the area and introduce them to local businesses.

Superintendent Mike Joseph summerized the event well by saying, “The district is excited about all the quality new teachers for the 08-09 school year. We are also thankful for the Crosby-Huffman Chamber of Commerce because events like this make the Crosby-Huffman area a special place to live. The district appreciates all the efforts by the Chamber to recognize the schools and the community.”

Also in attendance, reprsenting Huffman ISD was superintendent Dr. Douglas Killian.

School administration and staff were introduced by the aforementioned superintendents in addition to Ken Waguepack, Principal of Sacred Heart, a new educator himself, and Dr. Shirley Ellisor of Holy Trinity Episcopal School.

The new educators for Crosby are: Jennifer Abernathy, Stephanie Brown, Kristen Butler, Billy Clowers II, Lori Clowers, Kacy Debney, Jeanne Delleney, Lucy Dietrich, Stacy Eagleton, Christina Ewell, Cynthia Godoy, Paulo Gomes, Shelly Guilfoyle, Christine Gwosdz, Amy Hollas, Carlton Howard, Amanda Janacek, Sarah Keith, Kelly Keel, Roberta Kirsopp, Shelley Klinefelter, Michael Kursoki, Jennifer Locke, Aaron Milears, Andrew Murphy, Layne Neumann, Brandon Otto, Krystal Richard, Laura Roberts, Patrick Robertson, Lacey Rodriguez, Rachel Schaumburg, Christine Tatman, Kyle Toney, Mary Celeste Toney, Kelly Tumy, Jesika Vincent, Bernadette Walls, Juwan Walls, Juwan Walls, Heather Williams, Michael Williams and Stan Woodring.

The new educators for Huffman ISD are Brittany Stapleton, Cassi Locascio, Denise Rawley, Heather Winter, Sarah Townsend, Angela Mackert, Stephanie Young, Angela Rhodes, Tosha James-Gibson, Christy Conwell, Dottie Keith, Patricia Talecki, Kristen Cunningham, Bryan Pitre, Matthew Kenney, Lindsey Lasater, Beth Sarles, Karen Pack, Melody Mendez, Kathleen Anderson, Timothy Jones, Leigh Ann Wolfe, Sally Woolley, Joey Buchta, Brandy Sample, Casey Story, Colleen Ferguson and Kelly Shropshire.

Sacred Heart’s new educators include Geneva Morris, Audrey Golden, Sister Magdaline, Rachel Mendoza, Diane Nuar and Susan Harris.

Holy Trinity welcomes Mary Gassiott, Joanne Cain and Cindy Davis.