Our neighbors are in need

Hello All!

I would like to take just a moment on your time. We will be giving thanks on Thursday for all the things we do have, for the strength and endurance to make it through these trying times.

On that note, I am a resident of Chambers Co. which as most of you was totally devastated by Ike. Perhaps because of the rural proximity they are not getting the media regarding donations, needs, etc.

There are currently over 3,000 families displaced by the storm – homes condemned or completely wiped out. Oak Island, Smith Point, Double Bayou – towns completely wiped off the map, just like some on Galveston Island.

The difference is many of the residents were already living hand to mouth and don’t have the luxury of just staying elsewhere. I may have had a tree in my house, lost my fence, and all my trees and went 16 days without electricity but that is nothing compared to these folks.

Because I am so vested in the county and feel so blessed for my fortune, I now need to help others. I am not asking you to go buy new items, but if you have extra clothing you no longer wear, or household items that no longer fit your decor, please consider donating them. There are ALOT of people that would be very happy with whatever you have. Currently, the greatest needs are in clothing (adult, child and baby), household items, linens, hygiene / health products and non-perishable food items. If you have any questions you can call me or just ask me on Thursday! I will be collecting items at the Crosby Huffman Chamber of Commerce Community Picnic.

Thanks again
Tracy Dillard