Poe says NO to bailout bill

Dear Friends,

Today, I stood victorious with the American people and voted *NO* to defeat the Wall Street “Fat Cat” bail-out, 228-205. The government has no authority to force American taxpayers to ante up a $700 billion ransom to save the hides of the rich robber barons on Wall Street.

I believe in a free-market, capitalistic economy. With this freedom comes the opportunity to succeed, but also to fail. The elites in the financial industry don’t understand that with their vast success also comes the potential for failure. The American people have spoken and their voices were heard.

There were no public congressional hearings, no opportunity to question witnesses, nor any opportunities to debate legitimate alternatives. We spent, or wasted, more time and money investigating steroids in baseball. This plan for financial salvation to save us all wasdiscussed by only a few in the shadows of the halls of Congress. I didn’t come to Washington to make backroom deals and I am not going to start now.

The irresponsible elites in New York City who caused this financial mess should bear the blame and the cost – not the American taxpayer. The New York City Fat Cats expect Joe Six Pack to buck it up and pay for all this nonsense, but the American taxpayer fought back and won.

God and Texas,
Ted Poe (R-2)