Amazing! The Wonder of Electronics

by Bettye Rosser

Am I the only one who finds all this electric age amazing? My daughter has a cell phone that provides more information than just numbers for phone calls! It will scan bar codes to tell the product, the maker, and what the price range is at different stores. It can tell you the heavenly constellations of where you are standing outside. It is a small hand held computer.

Hello! Foolish me, I thought you used a phone to call people. My own cell phone has a camera. If you know how to use it (all my grand kids do!) you can take pictures and send them to another cell phone. I suppose that could be handy if you want to show someone something in the store. I have never done this, but I might take lessons from the Jr. High grands and learn. They can program their phones to have the picture of who’s calling when it rings or they have certain songs that play when someone calls. My phone must really be boring… it just plays one song for everyone.

The reason I purchased a cell phone was if I am out alone and have a problem, I could call for help. I discovered that it allows people to track you down no matter where you are. What was I thinking? I use to pray a lot in my car (eyes open of course!) because I was truly alone and it was quiet. I still pray but it is the traffic and construction that motivates me now.

One thing that has provided electric good news is e-mail. My grandson is on a ship and I can write him and it is there in a matter of minutes. The Navy has provided a great way to stay in touch with family by having this service.

My niece in California can stay in touch without writing a letter sent by snail mail (that’s postal service). She is not a letter writer and never has any stamps. My sister and I use to write each other all the time. We could not afford long distant phone calls and it was always a delightful event to find a letter in the mailbox. I could read them over and over and I did! I wish I had kept them. She is gone now, but it would be like having a little visit with her.

E-mails are usually short and I suppose you could print them out. When you write daily, there is just not a whole lot to talk about. A good letter could be three or four pages or in my case, six or eight. I had six children and there was plenty of news! My husband says I always have something to say or write. Is that a complaint or compliment? I’ll take it as a positive remark.

Some changes have made life easier for us with the advance of the electric age. I love having a washer and dryer. The dishwasher is so nice! The kitchen is full of time saving devices to blend, chop and beat. Heating and air-conditioning are great too.

I hope we still remember how to sit in the yard and talk to our neighbors. No electricity required, just time. Use some of those minutes you saved to visit family or friends.

“Does not wisdom call, and understanding lift up her voice?” Proverbs 8:1

Let me encourage you to learn what you can about this amazing time we live in and understand that nothing lasts forever.