Fall brings festivals and hummingbirds

Fall is in the air, you might not be able to tell it but it will be here this time next month.

The big city paper has already published their edition of FALL BAZAARS & FESTIVALS. Bazaars are fun things to do should you have the desire to get out of the recliner and stay on your feet.

It is time to plant your fall crop if you are a gardener. The garden of weedin already has tomatoes in the ground and hopefully there will at least be some nice green tomatoes before first frost. Not my idea of fun back there picking tomatoes with the wind whooping and the temperature is in the thirty’s and forty’s.

It is hummingbird migration time, now thru September. We have about six hummers buzzing around out front in and around the sugar water feeders. Only have five feeders out now although in the past there have been over a dozen scattered around the house. Those feeders need to be washed out once a week and in the peak time of the season; we have put out a gallon a day of the sugar water mixture (4 to 1).

Tried to make a bet with the Mrs. this morning saying I would catch a hummingbird this year. She would not bet as she knows one of the little things will fly in the garage and ain’t got enough sense to fly down a foot or so and go back out the garage door. They will continually fly upwards bumping into the ceiling until they get so tired they can no longer fly.

That is where I come in; I pick up the little thing and take it out the garage and release or set it in the tree to rest. The garage door is now kept down during hummer migration time.

Caught a hummingbird and showed it to the neighbor kids last year and they wanted to know how I caught it; told them I am quick. Put a couple feeders out with sugar water, it does not have to be colored red. They are fun to watch and they will not harm you as their long beak is as flexible as a straw.