Thank you for being a conscientious citizen

To The Editor,

While traveling to the office on Monday August 24th, I encountered heavy traffic on Hwy 146 near the Hardin Elementary School. It was the first day of school and as one would expect, traffic was moving slowly. While sitting in line, I heard a knock on my passenger window and looked over to see a school age child standing outside my vehicle. The youngster, who I believe was a passenger in a car traveling behind me, advised me that there was a large amount of gasoline leaking from my vehicle.

I immediately pulled to the side of the highway and got out, noticing that there was indeed a serious leak at which time I called for a fire department unit to stand by until the fumes dispersed. My vehicle was towed and it was determined that a fuel line had ruptured.

I wanted to take a moment and thank the young person that was kind enough to bring the leak to my attention. I believe it was a male, however, in my haste to get the vehicle off the roadway as quickly as possible, I did not notice for certain if the young person was a male or female.

Regardless, I appreciate their taking the time to get out and notify me of the leak. This could have been a very dangerous situation had the gasoline ignited. Thank you for being a conscientious citizen, I really appreciate your help.

Tom Branch
Emergency Management
Liberty County