Child drowns in San Jacinto

CROSBY– Once again the San Jacinto River has claimed a life, but this time it was a tiny child that wandered away from her family.
According to authorities with the Sheriff’s office, last Sunday evening, June 26, 22 month old Tiffany Cleto was playing on the sandy beach along the river near Magnolia Gardens Park. This is on the west bank of the river, upriver from Love’s Marina where only a few weeks ago Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia warned the public of the dangers of the river, and cautioned them to use extraordinary care to save lives.
According to HCSO spokesperson Christina Garza, unfortunately, little Tiffany wandered away from the eyes of her family. Although missing for only a short time, she went into the water, and was found underneath a dock by a searcher, who pulled her out but was unable to revive her. She was found about 6:30 p.m. and help was called to try to revive her.
She was transported to East Houston Medical Center in Northshore, but was pronounced dead there.
According to authorities, this is the eighth drowning in the Houston area this year, and the fourth in the San Jacinto River since last May. Victims have included swimmers and boaters, so caution is called for.