Xtreme Machine reflects pre-Harvey fun

Tommy Keys first place Classic Cars with Pastor Keenan Smith. CROSBY – As baseball afficinatoes readied for game 5 of the World Series that was to result in the third series victory for the Astros

A car show, a bunch of inflatables and games for the kids, Crosby Volunteer Fire Department bringing out fire trucks and cutting up a S.U.V. for us, mud bog racing, lots of food vending and plenty of greeting and fellowship with the neighbors and friends made an event to remember and forget the hard times.

Eddie Foster directed ceremonies as an impressive tripple line up of 40 vehicles entered the car beauty contests, when he wasn’t singing Country Western Music.

Toward the end of the afternoon, a mud spattered Rev. Keenan Smith looked guilt stricken as he confessed he had just drowned his friend’s truck in a mud bog. He spoke before the awards ceremony, “I want to thank everyone for coming out to visit us today. We almost didn’t have this event today. I think attendance is off from last year. It was only at the last minute that I said, yeah, let’s go ahead and do it. We had gotten so caught up in everything that happened and the recovery that we didn’t put the advertising and effort into this year’s Extreme Machine Sunday. We had hosted the rescue operations here, launched the animal rescue operations afterward, got so involved fixing and tearing out houses all over, especially in Huffman and Crosby. Then we started burying animals here. I felt like we were at our limit for awhile but I am glad I listened and went ahead and had it, it is a chance to come out and enjoy this great weather and enjoy a community event. So, I am going to turn it over now to some guys that know all about car shows. So we can recognize those that put tens of thousands of dollars into winning plastic gold at a car show and bragging rights. I bless all y’all and thank you for helping let us enjoy this day.”

The kids turned out some in costume, most in enthusiasm. Most adults took the opportunity to chat with brand new and lifetime friends.

Esatside Veterans turned out to remind all that Veteran’s Day is fast approaching and there is to be a parade and event that day.