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Engineers hear public on Crosby drain project

Crosby residents carefully examine the graphic depiction of the neighborhood across the street from the Methodist Church on Runneburg to see the impact of floodwater in that neighborhood. Mike Foster of Harris County Emergency Management and ESD#80 talks with Jeremy Phillips of Harris County Precinct 2 Engineering.

CROSBY – On January 15 the Harris County Flood Control District held a meeting to inform the public about partnering with the Harris County Engineering Department to address flooding issues in residential neighborhoods in unincorporated regions of Harris County with focus on stormwater drainage improvements and to receive input from the public.

Voters approved $2.5 billion in bonds to finance flood damage reduction projects within the county. The county is moving forward with planning and construction of projects with bond funding, making effort to make transparent those projects to residents.

This meeting was entitled Crosby MUD/Township Drainage Project and is listed on the Harris County Flood Control District website as HCFCD Bond Project E-12. Information can be obtained and comments made at the district’s website.

Stormwater drainage in Crosby was discussed with what engineers believe are the best remedies and they heard residents express what they believe are stormwater problems and potential improvements.

Internal neighborhood drainage systems and related infrastructure that move flood water to major drainage channels or bayous were explored. Municipalities typically handle internal drain systems like underground sewer systems and roadside ditches.

A presentation proceeded an open house discussion with the Project Team.

Reid Mrsny a Public Engineer points out that his group is working on three subdivision projects in or near Crosby ISD that are not in the flood plain and not previously identified they are Creole Country, Apache Lane (east of Highlands,) and Dreamland in Barrett Station. Dreamland has found federal funds to be released for improvement while Creole County and Apache Lane are in planning stage.