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Moving forth, Davis greets Crosby folks

Crosby ISD Superintendent Scott Davis shares his philosophy and evaluations of the strengths and perils of the Crosby District on the high school auditorium stage with seven new, donated Magnolia trees for seven campuses as backdrop.

CROSBY – On Monday night, about 75 people heard Superintendent Scott Davis present an oration concerning his views on the community and education, with blessed assurance that “the worst of the financial exigency is over.”

Against a backdrop of seven new Magnolia trees that were donated to the school, Scott Davis used the trees to illustrate the potential blooming of the seven campuses of Crosby ISD.

It must have been a long school day for the latest Superintendent, as nothing is harder than moving, and the administrative offices are still relocating to office spaces at the High School and the Crosby ISD Operations Center. The Runneburg Admin. Building is now in need of structural repairs that are simply not feasible at this time. A plan to relocate staff from the current administration building to offices in other buildings with minimal cost implications is in effect. The old Admin. Building was to be an in-district discipline school, per the last bond.

Attendees of the convocation learned that Scott Davis has an extensive educational background and that he believes that he is now where he is supposed to be.

He admires Crosby’s dedication to good manners. He believes that the character shown by this community is one of the reasons that Crosby is already starting to overcome the financial challenges he discovered upon arrival.

He sees the work ethic of Crosby-Barrett Station as starting in the home. He admires that parents expect their children to give all that they have got to their pursuit of education.

He believes in hope, therefore education. He indicates he cannot lead the district by walking backwards, and has determined to fix problems that required him to make drastic cuts last Fall to save the district. And he expressed the pain caused by having to go through those changes.

He harkened back to the Bible versus of Joshua, and remembrance that God brings us through, and confesses that this is the source of his strength to accomplish. And we learned that he is the son of a Baptist Minister.

He never wants anyone to forget what the district has been through, and he wants to remember how the district recovered.

The main theme of his speech was to keep pressing forward.

A former Crosby superintendent, Ronald Davenport, said, “For those who missed the Community Convocation, you missed a very positive motivational opportunity to hear from our superintendent! Very uplifting. Some information some of you may not know: CISD has had a 3% increase in enrollment even with all the negativity about the community. People want to be a part of a community where their children can get a good education. Dr. Davis is making sure we have not big gotten buried by our past and is pushing forward. I don’t know about you, but I am proud to live in Crosby and a part of a successful community that refuses to drown. A true champion doesn’t drown by falling in water; they drown when they don’t get back up. Our superintendent spoke to the teachers today and explained to them their salaries will be frozen for a year but the education of the children will not suffer; that is paramount in his vision.”

“He said he and the administrators have had to make adjustments in how the money is spent to provide what the students need, but it has been accomplished through consistency and perseverance, plus the character and trust and honest commitment that has been shown to his leadership. As I have said from the beginning, Dr. Davis was sent here by the Lord to do what needed to be done. He admitted he has spent time in tears, deep sadness, even anger at the situation this community was left in and had to face. Let’s stop any negativity and get behind him as he leads us out of a difficult situation back into where we deserve to be.”