NNO celebrated throughout Harris County


EAST HARRIS COUNTY – Harris County was busy Tuesday night, with residents gathering at their Pct. 2 community centers, or just in the street in their neighborhoods. The point of the night was to meet your neighbors, and your public safety officers, to form a friendship and strengthen community safety.

Harris County Precinct 2 held receptions and events in 12 of their community centers, from Aldine to Pasadena. In this area, residents gathered in Huffman, Crosby, Highlands, Barrett and JD Walker centers for several hours, starting at 5pm.

Each center had a contingent of Sheriff and Constable deputies and other first responders, often with specialized equipment to show the public.

This is the 38th Annual National Night Out, which was created in 1984 to build neighborhood spirit and police-community relationships. The intent is to raise awareness of crime prevention and send a message to the criminal element that our communities and police are working together to keep crime out. In past National Night Out celebrations, communities hosted large gatherings visited by area commanders and officers. Last year COVID-19 restricted Houston’s ability to celebrate. However, National Night Out is back for 2021. Community members are urged to consider hosting small, individual gatherings in their own driveways to maintain social distancing.

Together with law enforcement, you and your neighbors can become allies against crime and improve the quality of life in our city.