Huge Turner Car Show set for April 22

CROSBY – Automobile fans from all over the area are in for a treat next Saturday, April 22nd when Turner Chevrolet on the Crosby Freeway hosts their 2nd Annual Car Show.

The show will be at the dealership, and runs from 10am to 3pm. Turner General Manager David Mendez says they expect over 100 cars and vehicles of all types, making it a great event for car fans.

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In past shows, there have been classic cars from the 50s and before, lifted trucks, and even non-autos such as golf carts and 4- wheel ATVs. The variety is part of the fun, and the unusual experience of seeing all of these in one place at one time. Organizers of the car show have invited the owner of an original 1965 Shelby Cobra, a rare and valuable Ford modification not often seen in this area.

Turner Chevrolet owner Robbie Turner will head a panel of judges who will award cash prizes and a smart TV to the best cars in the show.

There will also be food trucks, and a raffle to win prizes. The top 20 cars chosen by the Judges will win trophies, Mendez said.

The car show entries are open to everyone who wants to compete, and any and all brands and types of vehicles are welcome. Contact Mendez at 281-328-4377 to join the show.