CF&R Livestock Auction raises $450,000 for Scholarships

All Photos by Michele Eaglin

CROSBY – A flurry of bidding at the Crosby Fair and Rodeo last Thursday night began setting the pace for another outstanding auction for Crosby students ending with an approximate $450,000 haul. There were 122 entries for eager bidders to select from and after the dust had cleared, it was a good night for Crosby.

For 78 years, the CF&R has sponsored the event to raise money for scholarships for students and while it wasn’t a record-breaking night, it was still another top-tier evening to support kids.

Their commitment to Crosby students was evident at the beginning of the auction as they set a record, handing out the most scholarships in the history of the CF&R. Ten Crosby High School students were winners of $5,000 each scholarship awards to help with their future college plans.

The bidding began with the auction of a Crosby Fair & Rodeo belt buckle which was purchased by Bar 7 Grill for $2,900.

The Grand Champion Steer was won by Peyton Givans, and it was a triumph like no other for the Barrett Elementary fifth grader.

She lost her grandmother 11 months ago and then lost her first Crosby steer “Gold Digger” in September due to a ruptured stomach abscess.

“We were in panic mode,” her dad David said.

He went on to post how they were able to find the perfect steer for Peyton to make the Crosby show.

Givans said he knows the amount of work involved and is always asked why he does it.

“We do it for nights like last night,” he said following the show. “All of the past years’ struggles, losses, and challenges disappeared for one night.”

Her hard work paid off with a $13,500 haul at auction for her 1,360 market steer.

Here’s a list of the Grand Champions, Reserve Champions, and third place finishers in their categories, buyer, and amount paid. This does not reflect add-ons which were not yet available at press time.


Peyton Turbitt, Photography, B&S Works, LLC, $2,000;

Sadie Manuel, Food; Capital Farm Credit, ACA, $2,000;

Kayson Marek, Sewing/Craft, Justin Ressler, $1,800;

Sadie Manuel, Horticulture, N & T Builders, $3,000;

Colby Condra, Ag Mechanics – Market, Crawfish Shack, $9,000;

Peyton Givans, Steer – Market, 1,360 lbs., Certi-Fab Industries, Inc., $13,500;

Austin Eilers, Swine – Market, 278 lbs., Hotchkiss Disposal, $8,000;

Robert Sorenson, Lamb – Market, 135 lbs., Turner Chevrolet, $3,400;

Austin Eilers, Goat – Market, 90 lbs., Hotchkiss Disposal, $3,700;

Harper Loggins, Turkey – Market, Charlies Ice House, $6,000;

Melisa Burnett Broilers – Market, Trae & Heather Harvey, $5,000;

and Bryson Hord, Rabbit – Market, James Blaha Family, $2,800.


Kayson Marek, Photography, Capital Farm Credit, ACA, $1,200;

Hannah Roder, Food, Crosby Ace Hardware, $1,100;

Annabelle Tauber, Sewing/Craft, The Artist & Scribe Company, $2,000;

Colby Chapman, Horticulture, Annette Blanscet, $2,700;

Lainey Duke, Ag Mechanics – Market, Bar 7 Grill, $4,800;

Audrey Harlien, Steer – Market, 1,390 lbs., Ranger Roofing & Construction and Royce and Angie Doskocil , $11,500;

Charly Turbitt, Swine – Market, 270 lbs., B&S Works, LLC, $3,600;

Jayson Marek, Lamb – Market, 160 lbs., Andrus RV Service, $2,300;

Addison Maxey, Goat – Market, 110 lbs., Murff Turf Farm, Inc., $2,100;

Robert Sorenson, Turkey – Market, B&S Works, LLC, $2,000; Macie Jo Marek, Broilers – Market, James Blaha Family, $2,100;

and Cashlynn Brock, Rabbit – Market, Hulen and Cathy Bryant, $2,250.


Adyson Norton Ag Mechanics – Market, Texas Lawn Specialist, $5,700;

Brady Harlien, Steer – Market, 1,250 lbs., Juniors Smokehouse, $9,000;

Kenley French, Swine – Market, 290 lbs., Arkema, $2,700;

Jaiden Grimes, Lamb – Market, 147 lbs., Turner Chevrolet, $2,500;

Robert Sorenson, Goat – Market, 102 lbs., Laura L Taylor – Edward Jones, $1,000;

London Harvey, Turkey – Market , Summit Equipment; $3,900;

Peyton Bobalik; Broilers – Market, Signature Electric Services, LLC; $3,750;

and Newton Hanus, Rabbit – Market, B&S Works, LLC, $2,000.

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