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Crosby Rodeo show set records

Livestock Auction raises $456K+

Abby Brady shows Harry, Grand Champion Steer bought by R L Doskocil, Inc. for $14,000, a record.

This year, cowboy skills like team roping, bronco bustin’ and bull dogging, with some bull fighting and a little bull riding on Saturday, were played out inside the arena. The roping skills displayed were excellent.

Rider Kiesner shows us the Texas Jump Rope made popular by Will Rogers as he roped, twirled 6 shooters and showed whips cracking tricks to the crowd.

Considering that there are now eight other rodeos simultaneous north of here taking their toll of cowboys to other prizes, a fine display of the cowboy sports.

Crosby Rodeo music, cook-off and more

Hula Hut won the most Cook-Off Categories taking 4th & 5th in Fajitas, 2nd in Chicken, 1st, 2nd & 5th in Brisket. Beer Kat Kookers were 2nd & 3rd in Ribs, 2nd place in Open Dish Savory, 2nd & 3rd in Fajitas.

Two weekends of fun, food, riding, music acts

CROSBY – As this paper rolls out to the stands, preparation will have begun to host the 75th Crosby Fair & Rodeo Livestock Auction in the Rodeo pavilion inside the Fairgrounds this evening.

This event generates the most funds for the ultimate goal of the Crosby Fair & Rodeo to provide money to send kids to college. Judging has been ongoing all week, and kids are open for pointers to perfect their livestock display for more awards and opportunities.

The beginning of the local rodeo is the Cook-Off that generally features the Rodeo Parade but the deluge precluded that from taking place. Instead, much like a red-neck Woodstock, locals trooped through mud and braved slick parking lots (leaving an impression there) to attend two lively nights.

Crosby Rodeo signs new Acts

Phineus Reb opens inside the Rock N’ C Arena at Crosby Fair & Rodeo Saturday, June 12, following cowboy sports of live rodeo. Later that night is Lanco.
Philip Griffin opens Saturday, June 5, at the Cook-Off inside the Fairgrounds Stadium. Later, Muscadine Bloodline takes the stage.

CROSBY – The local rodeo is on track to deliver a banner year coming out of a time of very little in the way of entertainment, with the Cook-Off, Livestock Auction and Rodeo, and rodeo concerts.

Some board members show increases in early gate sales this year.

This is the 75th year for the Crosby Fair & Rodeo on June 11 and 12. HI–LO PRO RODEO will bring some of the greatest cowboys in the nation inside the Rockin’ C Arena. Both nights will feature mutton bustin’ with local kids riding hard for eight when they pull the gate.

June 10, the Livestock Auction is the time to invest in the local kids. The auction has every year offered some surprises. Many want to know who’s livestock will be judged the best.

The Cook-Off begins this Friday at the Fairgrounds.

Rodeo pageant unfolds bloom of youth

The Crosby Fair & Rodeo held their annual Rodeo Pageant featuring cowboys, cowgirls, rodeo dress and rodeo clowns of kids aged 0-8 in twelve categories last Saturday. This year Rachel Hicks has taken the reins, but Lanette Armstrong (having lead multiple successful pageants) was still present and helpful as boys and girls paraded before a substantial crowd to show their charisma.

Each of the 58 contestants deservedly received a trophy for their participation. Twelve first place contestants get to ride inside the Rock’n C Arena on both nights of this year’s Crosby Fair & Rodeo and the Crosby Fair & Rodeo Parade to be held June 5.

Crosby Rodeo lines up gifted performers

CROSBY – In addition to national champion HiLo PRCA Rodeo Cowboys on June 11 and 12, headliners on their way to Country Music stardom have been contracted to play here right after the Cowboy Sport ends.

Rodeo Concert Bands

The action-packed week before that, Thursday, at 6:00 p.m. the community convenes for the youth of Crosby to sell the livestock they have raised at the Crosby Fair & Rodeo Livestock Auction.

The next day is Cook-Off Party Time, and Bag Of Donuts, a popular versatile showband out of New Orleans, will entertain the Cook-Off Teams playing just about anybody’s music and sometimes it sounds better than the original.

Spring concert win sets Rodeo ahead

George Deerborne got the crowd on their toes and several dancing to classic country hits with a highly professional sound last Saturday at the Crosby Fair & Rodeo Rock’n C Round-Up inside the covered pavilion. With just a few neat items the live auction called by Col. Bill Busby brought in about $13,640 and the silent auction brought in about $3,000, setting up a nice grub steak to begin working on the Rodeo proper this June. This year, the CFR Cook-Off is to be from June 4 until June 6. The Livestock Auction is to be held on Thursday, June 10 from 6 until 10. Friday, June 11 is the first Crosby Fair & Rodeo and Concert, Saturday, June 12 is the final concert.

Rodeo Round Up features true talent

BEAUMONT – Mastery of any instrument requires an obsession of some kind and there are no shortage of those that have attempted to master the guitar. One of them will play the Rock’n C Roundup on March 20, with a flair generally attributed to Rock-N-Roll but well grounded in Country Western genre.

George Deerborne is definitely a Honky Tonker from Beaumont with a theme of “Live life, dance when you have a chance!” In case there was any doubt that he has proven to be a voice from south and east Texas.

Crosby Rodeo fetes, raffles and elects

At the September 14 Crosby Fair & Rodeo Membership Meeting voting members repeated Gene HIcks, Jr., Justin George, Michael Niemtschik, Ronny Erlich, Roger Boblick, Jr., Jared Prescott and Bradley Orn as board members. There are 21 board members elected on a three year cycle.

CROSBY – The Crosby Fair & Rodeo hosted themselves at the covered pavilion last Saturday and held a raffle draw for a John Deer Gator XUV590M, a Savage Bersa Thunder .380 pistol and a 6.5 Creedmoor rifle.

On Monday the membership turned out to vote back in the same guys to be one third of the board.

The raffle was done on Facebook without physical tickets being issued but each entry had their name placed on a poker chip, the poker ship placed in a drum and local newpaper guy, Lewis Spearman, draw out and announce the lucky winners.

Crosby Fair & Rodeo Livestock Auction brings about $304K, $17K for G.C. Steer

Delaney Klise showed her Grand Champion Steer. Crawfish Shack and Scott Stephens & Assoc. purchased the steer for $17,000. Melody & Scott Stephens with, Jennifer & Dan Meaux, Katie McGinnis, Clay Stephens, Michah Lane and Kristi Adams Niemtschk in this photo. Scott Stephens had kept the steer in his barn for Klise since his son exhibited.

CROSBY – A great effort to bring in funds for kids to go to higher education netted about $304 thousand dollars last week at the Crosby Fair & Rodeo Livestock Auction held within the Rockin’ C Arena on June 12.

The area of Crosby was not diminished from past attendance of their annual tradition of supporting the Crosby Fair & Rodeo’s Livestock Auction held for the express purpose of raising money for Crosby High School students to have for higher education.

This year there were extra spots to lavish upon students for having experienced a school year like never before including a special photo of Seniors that exhibited during the year of COVID–19, an extra booster check from the Smith family to the four new rodeo scholars, and other awards that were presented before the auction was conducted by Ricky Loggins.

This year the Belt Buckle Sponsorship was purchased by both John and Teresa Matt and a matching sponsorship by Zorro’s Welding & Fabrication.

According to Auctioneer Rick Loggins, the entire sale brought in about $304,000 and the Grand Champion Steer $17,000 just $2,000 off last year in a year that had to cope with a global pandemic and resultant economic downturn wherein most businesses have yet to reopen at capacity and the county facilities saying they might open by July 16.

Please see additional auction and event photos in the print or PDF editions.

Local events knocked around – rescheduled Zydeco and Livestock sale

CROSBY – COVID -19 has certainly put local venues to the test of late.

The Crosby Fair and Rodeo had to cancel the Cook-Off, including a gig with Bag of Donuts (a variety act), Northeast Harris County’s largest party and parade. The rodeo board reluctantly put off their livestock sale until June 12. The auction will still be held that Friday with the Buyer’s Dinner beginning at 4:00 p.m. as does Buyers Registration. The awards portion begins at 5:30 p.m. The auction itself begins at 6:00 p.m.

The Livestock show lasts all week as the kids vie for education assistance through the sale of livestock at the auction. Cages will be allowed in starting next Sunday after 7:00 a.m. Then a week of showing and judging will begin culminating Friday. All the animals are to be released on June 13.

This year the Zydeco Festival under producer Troy Barrett has been postponed until August.