Rotary donates Outdoor Classroom to Highlands Elem.

Dedicated in Memory of Betty Brewer

Story by Highlands Elementary Hawks

HIGHLANDS – Monday, May 20 was a very special day. Our Hawks were honored with a donation of an outdoor classroom by the Rotary Club of Highlands, in honor of Betty Brewer, and today we had the dedication ceremony.

Betty Brewer was an active member in the Highlands Rotary, Highlands Community, and Highlands Elementary. We are so proud to have a special legacy to pass on for generations, and thankful for her lovely family who came to support this dedication and carry on her passion, kindness, and love to the Highlands Elementary Community.

We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to watch our children learn and grow with this outdoor classroom.

In addition, we were honored to have the attendance of our Superintendent Dr. Randal O’Brien to give a speech on behalf of GCCISD and the GCCISD board of trustees. Thank you for taking the time to share this special memory with Highlands Elementary.

Denise Smith, President of the Rotary Club of Highlands, gave a beautiful and eloquent speech to commemorate this event. Visit our Facebook page for the full video:

To Mr. Chuck Rodney Company for the outstanding building and construction from the ground up!

As Dr. O’Brien mentioned, this is a strong, well built project will last decades to come!

Special thank you to our Highlands Elementary Hawk Council Sponsors Mrs. Lovett & Ms. Stripling for organizing and advocating for our school and to our Principal, Blanca Capetillo, for your support and encouragement for this project to be completed.

A memory for a lifetime!

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