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HIGHLANDS’ CROSBY/LYNCHBURG ROAD: Pct. 2 widening roadway to 5 lanes

Centerpoint Energy put in new towering power lines at left along Main Street in Highlands. Next some gateway walls are being demolished to make way for a five lane highway to Barrett Station.

HIGHLANDS – Extreme changes began early nearby when Center Point Energy began erecting towering powerlines to points north last month and a pipeline’s machination were being made at the connecting route point.

Crosby/Lynchburg Road from Lochness to Thorn is being widened by Harris County Precinct 2 into a 5 lane non-divided highway, like Barrett Station is today. The Project called R13. Crosby – Lynchburg 4 by Harris County Precinct 2 is designed with a center turn lane running at least most of that distance. The reconstruction makes a “two lane into a 5 lane concrete road with continuous left turn lane, storm sewers and traffic signals.”

The project is still being bid but is estimated to cost about $9.5 Million. The County hopes to complete the project by the third quarter of 2022.

This project combines with R12. Crosby-Lynchburg 3 in Barrett Station. This section runs from Magnolia Dr. to Lochness Dr. In the same scope it is to reconstruct a 2-lane roadway to 5-lane concrete road with continuous left-turn lane, storm sewers and traffic signals. Total cost is estimated at $26 Million. It will be advertised to bid in the first quarter of 2021. It is to be finished by the third quarter of 2022.

Additionally, the County is slated to make improvements in the middle of Highlands. R38. Wallisville Intersection Improvements begins at Wade Rd. and runs to Main Street in Highlands, with plans to make installations and turn-lane improvements at Wade Road, Thompson Road, and Crosby/Lynchburg. Total estimated cost is $3.5Million. Completion is expected to be by first quarter 2021.

Commissioner Garcia is committed to improving infrastructure, and roads in Precinct 2. In fact Precinct 2 is expending 200% more on infrastructure capitol projects, including drainage and roadways.