Veterans honored with display of Signs

Veteran signs return after brief hiatus

By David Taylor
Managing Editor

A cherished tradition has returned for Veteran’s and Memorial Day observances in the Crosby, Barrett, and Highlands communities.

After a brief hiatus due to the pandemic, the signs that used to line FM 2100 with a yellow ribbon on them and the name of a local veteran have a new home.

Last Thursday, before the holiday weekend, veterans were putting out the beloved signs in the cemetery at Sterling-White in Highlands, a different twist on the previously lined highway.

“We had been doing this for a long time as a way to continue supporting our veterans who have served this country,” said current Crosby American Legion Post 658 Commander Richard Newman.

Newman, who had already walked the cemetery and assisted in placing the signs, said he had seen many generations represented including some fathers and sons.

“We just want to make sure we keep their memory alive,” he said.

The tradition of placing the signs with yellow ribbons began a decade ago but due to COVID, was put on hold temporarily.

“We used to put them on the highway along FM 2100, but the highway has gotten to be so dangerous now we just can’t do that.

Bella (Dion) was gracious enough to allow us to have this area which I think is fantastic,” said Don Guillory, previous post commander. Guillory said the signs will appear regularly now on Veterans Day and Memorial Day every year.

The sign campaign originated with Son Harvest Church under the leadership of Pastor Richard Amador and then the American Legion joined in to help.

Signs can still be purchased for a nominal amount by contacting the American Legion and providing the donation, the name, and proof of service.

“We are pleased to support the American Legion here in Crosby and we’re providing a safe area for friends, families, and the community to come out over the weekend and walk or drive through the cemetery to see the names of veterans honored,” said Bella Dion, managing partner for Sterling-White Funeral Home and Cemetery.

The veterans will also be selling briskets at Thanksgiving for a $100 donation.

“We’re not trying to make a living off this but provide convenience for the community and earn a little bit for our veterans,” Newman said. Deadline to order is Nov. 15.

“It’s something new that we’re doing and if the community likes it, we’ll continue it every year,” he said.

The money goes to support veteran’s programs and their current Legion oratory representative.

To compliment the veteran signs throughout the cemetery, the front of the cemetery is lined with U.S. flags. Newman pointed out that the signs are not just for war dead, but for all veterans who have served.

The veterans invited the community to come out and see the signs prior to the holiday and on the day of the celebration. Visitors can remain in the cars as they drive through the cemetery to view the signs and the names of many Crosby, Barrett, and Highlands veterans.

To purchase a sign, brisket, or donate to the American Legion call Newman at 832-872-8244 or Guillory at 713-819-5976, or the Post at 281-428-1814 or by mailing P. O. Box 135, Crosby, TX 77532. Guillory accepts emails at